Statistics and Data


  • China Data Online 中国数据在线 (ASU ID/Password required)

    Includes China Yearly Macro-economy Statistics (1949-), China Monthly Macro-economy Statistics (1998-), Monthly Reports on Economy Development (2002-), China City Statistics (1996-), China County Statistics (1997-), China Industrial Data (2001-), and various statistical yearbooks (2002-). Also provides statistical maps for provinces, prefecture cities and county level cities, and more than 3,000 census data assemblies. Its China Geo-Explorer Service and US Geo-Explorer Service offer China and US demographic and economic data, maps, charts and reports in the web-based delivery system.

  • Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) (ASU ID/Password required)

    Provides data and forecasts about political, economic, and business climates of various regions and up to 200countries as well as related news, analysis, and risk factor assessments.

  • China: government expenditure, growth, poverty, and infrastructure (1952-2001)

    This dataset provides information on key economic indicators, agricultural output and inputs, public investments, poverty, and various social indicators in China.

  • The China Archive 中国数据库

    It is a data archive dedicated to support of scholarly, empirical research by anthropologists, economists, historians, political scientists, sociologists, and others in the fields of business, agriculture, and engineering. The goal of the Archive is to enable case research on Chinese domestic matters and China-U.S. relations, as well as to facilitate the inclusion of China in more broadly comparative studies.

  • United Nations Common Database (UNCDB)

    Varies by series, some dating back to 1944. However, the starting date does not indicate availability of data for every year in the range. Check "Series details" for date of latest update of a particular series.

Print resources

  • China facts & figures annual (CHIFFA) (1978-)

    Published annually since 1978, CHIFFA accumulates annually all basic and statistical information about the PRC. Most information is on the national level. Each volume contains all new data

  • People's Republic of China yearbook 中国统计年鉴 (1983-)

    or China Yearbook for short, is a very authoritative and comprehensive yearbook that covers such areas as: History, Geography, Land & Resource, Structure of the State, Political Parties, Justice and Law, National Defense, Foreign Affairs, National Unification, Population and Ethnic Groups, Religion, Labor and Social Security, Civil Affairs, National Economy, Intellectual Property, etc. Includes authoritative statistics and figures from the State Statistics Bureau and other relevant departments.



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